Our mission is to ensure that your employees feel Seen, Safe, and Valued©

By partnering to understand the organizational dynamics and employment life cycle processes in place, we assist clients with developing effective human resource strategies, policies, and practices. We can facilitate employee and labor relations, human performance improvement, performance management, project management and strategic and organizational planning. StepOne Consulting provides Strengths-Based® project management and professional development and compliance seminars and workshops. We support the individual, group, and organizational training and development needs of small to medium-sized organizations, and can provide project support to larger organizations as well.  Our interventions and facilitations have helped to increase employee engagement and organizational commitment at every level.

Angela Spranger is a professional Coach who teaches Entrepreneurs and Businesses how to take the first step.

StepOne Consulting, LLC (StepOne) is an SBA Small, Woman, Veteran and/or Minority Owned Business providing consulting services to businesses and other organizations. Our mission is to ensure that your employees feel Seen, Safe, and Valued©.

I partner with my clients to understand the organizational dynamics and systems that facilitate the current state, and identify possible avenues to improve productivity, effective communication, and conflict management. I take your organizational culture very seriously and enjoy facilitating the small changes that lead to giant personal and professional results.

I am a college professor (Lecturer in Management) and Gallup-trained Strengths Coach. I work one-on-one with executives and management-level professionals to help them identify and exploit their greatest strengths for personal and professional effectiveness. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why did you choose this type of business?

We heard the demand, locally, for human resource development options that were timely, specific, and cost-effective. Most specifically, we learned through professional networking that small- to medium-sized businesses simply weren’t staffed to provide the developmental opportunities that they needed to ensure their people felt seen, safe, and valued.

What makes us different?

StepOne has the intellectual expertise and professional experience to collaborate with our clients and generate customized, effective solutions to their presenting issues.

Why do customers choose to work with us?

Corporate clients find that Dr. Spranger’s research background and depth of knowledge in the areas of organizational commitment and organizational development, as well as her professional experience in Human Resource Development, make her an ideal partner for providing HR support, auditing, advising, and professional development.
Individual clients find that Dr. Spranger’s commitment to their personal growth and to working hard with them to achieve their goals is an invaluable resource in their career and personal development. The security, along with the challenges, she provides to them make it easy for them to invest in themselves.