You Can't Handle the Truth

Several years ago, a powerful movie came out – a blockbuster about the ugly realities of war and military justice, called A Few Good Men. In it, a famous actor used the title line in character during a court martial hearing, asserting that the attorney questioning him really didn’t want to know the truth about the situation.

I use it here to challenge you to consider learning, digging into, and examining the truth about yourself. Specifically, to surface (see blog post, “Surfacing”) your own strengths and identify what it looks like when they are getting in your way.

You read that right: surface your strengths. Identify your own talents, gifts, and unique skills. And no, you don’t forget about your weaknesses, but think about them in a new way. For example, recognize that what you think about, you put your mental energy into. What you spend your mental energy on becomes the priority in your life. The priority in your life draws more of its own energy toward you… through mystical, cosmic, universal principles, or through just plain old common sense. Think law of attraction, or misery loves company… but if I allow you to go on focusing on your weaknesses, you may never recognize your strengths and start using them to serve yourself, to serve the world, to meet your audience wherever they are and give them the best of you. And that would be an absolute tragedy. Now, THAT’S the truth.

Check out the additional reading items listed below, and please post to let me know their impact on you… or if you need some help and guidance getting to your truth!

Step One Consulting-Truth

My very best to you,

Dr. S.

References / Additional Reading: StrengthsFinder 2.0 (Rath & Conchie), The Truth About You (Buckingham)